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The services offered by Infinity are based on a team of consultants with extensive experience in complex project management and implementation of Oracle Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project software applications. Whether we are talking about construction, infrastructure or energy sector projects, the aim of our consultants is to provide support in the implementation of project management processes, aiming to meet contractual and budget deadlines, but also to obtain at any time a clear picture of the status of project execution.


You can call on our specialists in:


  • Project Planning and reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Cost Management
  • Contract Management
  • Document Control

Whether it's Oracle Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project, any software application you purchase needs to be tailored to the specifics of your organization and the timeframe for implementation.

Our consultants have the necessary experience and expertise to implement international best practices, so that the implemented solutions bring maximum benefits taking into account the specificity and complexity of the projects. At the end of the implementation period you will benefit from an IT solution that will meet your business needs in an efficient way.

Most failures in implementing IT applications are due to starting from the beginning with the implementation of all application functionalities. This puts a lot of pressure on your organisation's resources and often leads to the abandonment of purchased applications over time.

Infinity adapts the application to your business model so that after the configuration process the learning effort is significantly reduced.

Economic uncertainty puts a new level of pressure on project teams to manage and execute projects under highly competitive conditions. In these conditions professional project management has become an imperative need and in this context Infinity comes to the aid of companies with the implementation of a strategy based on project performance.


  • Project Management processes audit
  • Consultancy in planning and monitoring of projects/programmes - based on a domain-specific methodology
  • Consultancy in the development of a Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Implementation of project/programme/portfolio management support applications

A PMO, in a metaphorical sense, is like the GPS system of a ship in the middle of the ocean. When it breaks down, a number of risks arise and the vessel moves without direction.

Integrated IT systems make it possible to access, in real time, all operational documents that are part of an organisation's business flows. Because of the overview they facilitate, integrated IT systems are considered the standard for any large or medium-sized company in the world.

Without them, the information architecture formed over time creates islands of information that must be accessed with different IT applications. Because of this, getting real-time data becomes impossible. However, for decision-making this fluidity is vital.


Our specialists understand the complexity of an organisation's processes and how the information flow needs to be structured in conjunction with the information flow to achieve optimal results.


Infinity Business Center is the only Totalsoft partner, with project and portfolio management competencies, implementing the Charisma Portfolio Management solution for general contractors and investors in the construction, infrastructure and energy industries.

Risk management is a planned and systematic process of identifying, assessing, monitoring and controlling risks that add value to the business. Its main purpose is to help management maximise business value. Risk analysis provides visibility for possible delays and cost overruns. Project managers can easily compare the effects of different alternatives in order to develop an optimal risk mitigation strategy.


The result is better executed projects, including a higher probability of completion on time and within budget. Risk analysis also generates lessons learned that can be used to improve future project outcomes.

Every project has risks. Successful organisations are those that plan for these risks, anticipate, mitigate and provide response and contingency plans for negative events that may or may not occur.


Risk analytics solutions provide the tools to do just that, allowing companies to identify, assess and model risks - thereby removing much of the uncertainty from projects.


Implementing a risk management system aims to improve the chances of achieving project objectives, making the best decisions and taking appropriate action using limited information.

A project is considered successful when the objectives for which it was created in the expenditure budget and the deadlines assumed in the contract are simultaneously met.


Project managers should not wait for the completion of a project or a project phase to ascertain whether the project they are leading is within the original scope, budget and timescales.


In order to be able to monitor the progress of a project, a project control system must be implemented from the inception stage.


The Infinity Project Control System is based on the following premises:


  • Defining the project management deliverables appropriate to each stage of the project (Project Charter, Project Change Request, Lessons Learned)
  • Implementation of planning and progress reporting tools (Primavera P6, Microsoft Project)
  • Cash flow forecasting based on the updated schedule, payment documents and contract conditions
  • Implementation of progress measurement procedures (development and tracking of S-curves, including Earned Value)
  • Integration with tender / settlement / invoicing systems

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